A slip in the snow…

I guess I would say that a profound Belief in Destiny helped me to accept the fact that I broke a bone in my wrist about 3 weeks ago.
My husband had gone out sledging with my 4 older kids and even though I wanted to join them I reluctantly stayed at home as apparently it was too ‘dangerous’ (my husband’s word not mine) to venture outside with my 5 month old.
I slipped and fell onto my side, breaking a bone in the process (!!) when I popped outside to put the bin out. This unfortunate incident took place just two steps away from my doorstep.  No, the irony hasn’t escaped me.
Strangely, the fact that I had listened to my husband made me feel better. I mean, he actually said please! That was weird.  So, I didn’t go but still fell.  This means it’s not my fault.  Of course it isn’t.  But can you imagine if I had gone….(* cue: big loudspeaker in my ear shouting I TOLD YOU SO!!*)

So after it happened I  felt so glad that I wasn’t actually carrying my 5 month old in the sling at the same time. I must have also been running on adrenaline and other chemicals released, as natural pain relief took over my body and it took a few minutes for me to actually feel the extent of the pain.
I could call it a coincidence that I’d read a Roald Dahl account of his father’s fractured elbow just a day earlier. But since I don’t believe in random coincidences it must’ve been destiny :-). The story goes that a misdiagnosis occurred via an unfortunate incident concerning a drunk doctor and a home visit in the middle of the night. His father​’s whole arm was amputated and he had to live the rest of his life with only one working arm. He consequently learnt to do everything one-handed, Roald Dahl reported that the only thing his father couldn’t do is slice the top off a boiled egg!
Reflecting on this story the following day in hospital, after hearing that I’d have to have my arm in a cast for 6 weeks, I felt doubly grateful that it wasn’t a diagnosis to have to live without the use of one arm for the rest of my life!


Live life as though everything is rigged in your favour
Life is a journey, enjoy it!

So keeping my favourite life quotes in mind, I’m going to try to go through everything putting a positive spin on the thoughts before and after this event.
– My pedometer battery ran out minutes before I fell
I took that as a sign to take a day off my 10,000 regimented (haha, regimented a week ago!) steps, little did I know it’d be a verrrrrry long break!
– When the heavy snow was forecasted, I didn’t want to drive in this weather. I slid through it and nearly lost control of my car 2 years ago and didn’t want to go through this stress again. Hmmm must be careful what I wish for!
– I got an earlier and longer visit to London where my sister has come to visit from the UAE . Yay!
– I got a break from changing nappies and washing up (Just read that again.  Woohoo!)
– I could enjoy being looked after again! Last time was a few short months ago when I had bubba no. 5.
• I could make the most of a break in exercise and change-of-lifestyle-type-eating (Heehee, love this one)
• Everybody has been very kind and attentive

To top it off, there have been deliveries of food, chocolates and beautiful bunches of flowers throughout the week from people and places I wouldn’t have even imagined.  Honestly people can be so kind.  It was a ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ kinda response.

And as if all that wasn’t enough there will be:
• No school run for duration of cast
• No packing lunch boxes
• And absolutely no washing up!
Anyone fancy a broken wrist yet?


If you have clicked on this post because you’ve had a broken limb and need inspiration to get through Good Luck!  You will have bad days, just concentrate on getting through each day, one at a time.
To take a phrase from Dave Carnegie’s book ‘How to Stop Worrying and Start Living’, try to live in ‘day-tight compartments’.
Acceptance is a great form of generosity- squash that pride of yours and accept, accept, accept!

Peace and Love
Sidra Ansari ❤

PS I’d like to thank my lovely friend, Nabila Rojob, for the beautiful photo of the freesias in the snow 🙂

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2 thoughts on “A slip in the snow…

  1. MashAllah sis very inspirational.x


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