Words can be very powerful. Words are sometimes all you need to get the message across.

Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers not thunder. — Rumi


It is words that brought you here in the first place.

Words are evocative.

Words are hypnotic.

Words are a treasure to be discovered.

So, with a word I greet you.


I’m so happy to present to you a new and improved online experience.

A website that will fulfil your needs. I thank you for visiting this page and am very excited for you be here.

You are free to explore my blog. You will uncover a platform on many topics and you’ll find relatable stories on the ups and downs of real life. Don’t forget it’s a space for you to speak to me too!

Look out for the authentic family friendly recipes, poetry and fiction.

Above all, enjoy the content- it’s for you!

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Peace and love,

Sidra Ansari

What People Say

Absolutely amazing, you brought tears to my eyes, very touching, soo beautifully written…

F. Khan

Thank you for the emails you wrote for me lately – much appreciated – you saved me loads of time and I’m getting more sign-ups than ever!!

S. Adams of LoveLearningOnline.com

I noticed your post on how billionaires get up at 4am and LOVED it — I really appreciated how you turned into into a goal setting opportunity! …You often share tips for success…Thank you.

Samir. M

There is a brightness and energy in your write-up that I like!

K. Butt

Brilliant. Thank you, Sidra! Just read the emails you’ve written and I love them!!!

Short, succinct and to the point. You’ve definitely got the message across!

S. Azam

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